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Children and families in their many manifestations are the heart and future of our society. My Mother always passed on to my sisters and I that life is about our relationships, our friendships and others. This has rung true my entire life. Ensuring that our children are supported and can thrive and find joy and their life path is one of the absolutely core priorities of society and community. Tending and feeding the creative spark and flame in our children is what will continue to create happiness for individuals and humanity which in turn will help our communities and society


Creating space for children to grow and be supported in their families and communities is of the utmost importance not only for the child's sake but also for the future of humanity. I am fully dedicated to working to ensure that systems and services are in place to help parents, guardians and care providers ensure that their children are supported and thriving.  I will always work to ensure that families and children are provided well-rounded and comprehensive information and services regarding educational options and opportunities, health information and services and the programs available around the state for our Vermont families and children and thrive.

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