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-I have written extensively on this topic.  I have posted my articles and writing below.  Fortunately, this legislation was defeated at the Statehouse this last session.  Unfortunately, this legislation was falsely being sold as environmental justice.  It is up to the people to see through this.  This was a Carbon tax on the people and small businesses of Vermont.  This was literally an attack on the people and was a prime example of dangerous and destructive legislation.  We are fortunate it did not pass.  This type of legislation also failed in California and has not resulted in any beneficial impact.  It has only brought destruction- higher costs for energy, transportation and heat with no beneficial impacts.    

-Many Vermont candidates and elected officials in Vermont have been stating that they are "going to make the fossil fuel industry pay."  And then they have voted for this Clean Heat Standard legislation which does the exact opposite and makes the people pay.  This is unacceptable.  Vermonters are already contending with rampant inflation, and we are working hard to afford gas, groceries and living expenses.  Legislation based on the Global Warming Solutions Act is destructive for Vermont in that it results in taxes placed on the people for heating and transportation costs and has never been shown to hold measurable impacts when enacted in other countries and California.   

-There are constructive approaches to helping the environment and the earth.  These approaches do not need to burden the people.  There are real solutions that will serve Vermont and can support and help create the change we need while simultaneously supporting the people and our local economies.  Please see my articles and letters to the legislators listed below for further information.  Or feel free to email or call me at any point to discuss this destructive legislation and constructive alternative solutions further.



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