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My Goals

  • Secure the fundamental human rights of health choice, body autonomy and informed consent

  • Support and prioritize real education, parental rights and the importance of family for our children and society

  • Seek real solutions for Vermont's environment with Vermonters as stewards of the land and resources

  • Oppose a Carbon tax on the people and small businesses of Vermont. Vermonters are working hard to afford expenses. The people should not be burdened with higher taxes on heating and transportation fuel, both of which are essential to daily life.  Please note- On this critical issue, I completely disagree with the position and vote of my democratic opponent, Henry Pearl, who voted in favor of this legislation.

  • Focus services and aid to our local businesses and farmers to ensure success

  • Strive to ensure the legacy of Vermont traditions and the Vermont way of life

  • Collaborate with constituents and legislators to research and develop effective, constructive solutions by and for the people of Vermont.

  • Promote fiscal responsibility in order to halt inflation and the decline of the dollar so that we can all afford to live here and pay for our expenses.  

  • Ensure Government Accountability and transparency

  • Work to limit, regulate and monitor the influence of corporate lobby and special interest groups on candidates for office, elected officials and legislators, proposed legislation and our government on the whole

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