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Health encompasses a wide variety of factors for each individual.  Health includes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a human.  Health is a personal, private completely unique situation for every individual and there is so much influencing a person's health status and situation.  Ensuring that every individual has access to health information and education, resources and care to support their path to health is a top priority and a fundamental human right.  There is no magic bullet, there is no one size fits all solution for everyone.  Health is a journey and support and respect for each individual's unique circumstances and decisions related to healthcare is critical.  Every individual should have equitable access to the care they need to work to achieve and maintain health.


-Ensure equitable access to a wide variety of healthcare options and resources for all Vermont residents

-Provide services to support mental and emotional health awareness and improvements for Vermonters

-Securing and clarifying safe and effective Public Health Policy for all Vermont Residents

-Clearly defining public health procedures, practice and parameters and aligning public health with the protection of fundamental human rights of body autonomy, informed consent and the right to make private healthcare decisions.

-Developing and implementing specific procedures and action plans for emergencies to ensure that at risk individuals and vulnerable populations are fully supported with all of the care, resources, services and assistance needed in case of an emergency community health situation

-Healthcare approaches are diverse; Vermonters should be able to access a wide variety of care to best serve their needs and ensure effective treatment

-Protecting privacy and healthcare information is critical and policy and legislation must be implemented to ensure that individual's healthcare records are protected



I am wholeheartedly committed to health choice, body autonomy and informed consent. I believe from deep within my soul and mind that every individual should have full and complete control over their body and every choice made relating to their body and their health. Every individual should have the ability to make their own private personal healthcare decisions at all times free of coercion, discrimination or mandates by their employer, the state or any elected official. If a person feels that a medication, procedure, vaccine or a mask is their best option or line of protection based on their health history and specific circumstances than they should have full equitable access to these options. Differences should be respected at all times.

There have been many lessons learned from the covid crisis. It is vital that we protect an individual's right to make private, personal healthcare decisions. This is a fundamental human right. People should never be pressured or coerced into experimenting with their health and lives with Big Pharma products, these are individual choices and must be respected at all times. I am fully dedicated to upholding these fundamental human rights and will never support a mandate that violates personal health choices and medical freedom. There also must be systems and procedures in place to protect our most vulnerable populations and those at risk and ensure their access to services and support during any health crisis in the future.

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