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Securing and Protecting our Existing Social Contract- The Foundation of our Country


Our country is founded on the framework of a Constitutional Republic, The social contract that our Founding Fathers designed is clearly defined in the Declaration of independence, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. It is based upon the philosophies of John Locke and Rousseau in that fundamental human rights of the individual, our inalienable rights, supersede the state and can never be taken away. This is what makes our country so distinct and so unique. Our Founding Fathers specifically and intentionally stepped away from the Hobbesian social contract that existed in much of Europe at the time. Thomas Hobbes's social contract was one of Absolutism in which all power resided in the hands of an absolute, sovereign monarch. Hobbes' social contract was forever prone to domination, abuse of power and zero accountability based on who sat on the throne. This is the rule of tyranny. This social contract as outlined in Thomas Hobbes's writings specifically identified natural human rights but then sacrificed these rights and handed them over to the sovereign monarch in order to gain protection and service that he felt only an absolute ruler could provide. This leads one to wonder if Hobbes was compensated by the King to expound upon his social contract philosophy. Hobbes lived in England during the time of the Spanish Armada, he was under the constant threat of attack and war. This experience resulted in deep seated, continual fear that he determined was only remedied by absolute rule in exchange for protection. Fear can lead to desperate, destructive, impulsive action such as Hobbes's tyrannical social contract.


Our Founding Fathers consciously rejected this flawed Hobbesian social contract which was clearly responsible for abuses of power, abuses of the people and a complete neglect and dismissal of natural human rights. They understood that this was not freedom and this situation would only pave the way towards domination and abuse. They lived through and witnessed the injustice associated with this version of the social contract.. Our Founding Fathers despite their own flaws consciously and specifically knew that the fundamental human rights of the individual were divinely gifted and indelible. They knew that this social contract must prevail and guide this country for the sake of humanity and freedom moving forward. They set the framework to release the people from the chains of tyranny through this monumental, revolutionary act. Further, they understood that individuals were born with rights and these rights were not granted by the state and could not be revoked by the state. This is why the world looks to our country as a shining light and land of opportunity for humanity and freedom. It is this model and framework that has reverberated around the world as the answer to the tyrannical and authoritarian rule of so much of the past and unfortunate even the present.


The existing social contract in the Unites States of America must continue to be acknowledge and secured. A constant education and renewal of its significance is essential in order for humanity and individual rights to reign supreme in relation to government, corrupt governments, corporations working in conjunction with the government or any other entity attempting to subvert the rights of the people and prioritize domination and absolute power for selfish gain. The future of freedom in its truest form, which is based on the freedom of the individual. is at risk, as people seek protection and security and grasp for solutions, even false solutions during these times.


Reverting and regressing back to a social contract based on Hobbes's philosophy would only result in tyranny and the extinction of the rule of law. This would leave us with the rule of man which is the rule of cronyism and corruption. A social contract with Big Pharma or Biotech is unfathomable. Big Pharma does not have all the answers. There is no magic bullet for health and protection of infection. The solutions for health are multifactoral and complex. There is no one size fits all solution. Industry including Big Pharma can and should innovate and offer the people options and possible solutions to consider but to force a product on individuals, this goes against the entire basis of our country's existing social contract. We must not revert back to Hobbes's version of a social contract unless we want to be at the mercy of the state in all cases and live in tyranny. The entire point and design of our three branches of government was a check and balance system to avoid tyranny and the rule of man. With the three branches and the inalienable rights of the individual, our Founding Fathers' intention was that government would be -by and for the people, limited in authority and power and would be as immune as possible from corruption. In this current day, our democracy and Constitutional Republic are at risk especially if people are willing or even considering the regression to a dangerous Hobbesian social contract based on supreme and absolute power of the state or a corporate entity claiming to hold the solution or a desired idea of protection. We are not a tyranny, a monarchy, a dictatorship, a fascist state or a technocratic society- we are a Constitutional Republic based on democracy with an existing social contract that enshrines and guarantees the fundamental human rights and inalienable rights of the individual- this must be remembered, honored and respected at all times- no exceptions.


Freedom can erode and if we want to ensure and maintain a free society for our children then we must work at all times to uphold the existing social contract which is based upon the inalienable rights of individual. This is true freedom through all of the high and lows that humanity will face on the journey. There will always be attempts by individuals, corporations, and other countries to squash the people and dominate others for more wealth and power. Through all o f these moments in the scheme of our history, we must work to uphold the divine inalienable rights of the individual to live in our free society and the fundamental human rights including those of body autonomy and informed consent. Further we must work together to help other countries and individuals attain and maintain these same individual rights and not be abused by their own governments or corporate greed and attempts at domination of the people and resources around the world. If anyone in their right mind is willing to alter and sacrifice our existing social contract, which is the base of our country and freedom of the people, then they are responsible for the destruction of our Constitutional Republic, democracy and the future of humanity.

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