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I believe that virtue is a guiding light and that a life based on serving people, striving for truth, and acting with integrity is a life worth living. Virtue propels us to bravery- bravery to stand up for others, ourselves and what we know in our hearts is right. I truly love humanity and all of our complexity and idiosyncrasies. I have a deep reverence and respect for nature, and I have trust in nature as a guide and teacher. My faith is strong, and I actively work to renew my spirit and faith every day in every moment possible. I am grateful for this life and all of the gifts that I have received. My intention is to seek and hold onto truth and wisdom at every turn in my life and to share this with our children. Respecting different world views, opinions and decisions is essential to the future of freedom and humanity. No one has all the answers: no one knows your truth and your path except you, and no one should force their opinions and beliefs onto another human being. Engaging in conversation and debate is essential to evolving our thoughts, understanding, belief systems and consciousness. The ability to hold differing thoughts and opinions and calmly and respectfully discuss these with others is crucial to the future of humanity. This diversity is beautiful and essential to life and humanity. I promise to always uphold the rights of an individual to choose their own life path- this is classical liberalism which is beautiful and vital to true freedom, a fulfilling, joyful life and the health and happiness of each individual and our children.  

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